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Overture Films and Lakeshore Entertainment a Mark Pellington Film

A delightfully entertaining PG film about miracles. Is a flawed stucco job on the side of Henry's house a dispenser of miracles or not? One neighbor (a hilarious role played by Adriana Barraza) is sure the answer is yes, but the whole scene is nothing but an annoying distraction to Henry (Luke Wilson) who wants nothing more than to be left alone with his depression and liquor.

Catholic priest Father Salazar (George Lopez) tries to referee the dispute with no success. But a neighbor and her mute daughter changes everything. It is not until the final scene that Henry becomes a believer.

This movie raises the question about Christian miracles associated with images, objects, and places that are alleged to deliver miracles all around the world. To deny all of them is to say that Christ does not work in the modern world, but to accept all of them is to open the door to all kinds of charlatans that would prey on the saints.

The film has abundant comedic and romantic moments, but is also a great starting point for a Christian discussion about miracles in our own time. When are miracles true tokens of God's presence in our lives? Are miracles attached to objects and images? When are miracles just plain the result of dumb luck? Don't expect this film to provide answers to these questions, you will find that it is an excellent starting point for a Christian discussion.

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