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House Church Central is dedicated to the growing house church movement and endeavors to provide house churches with

  • A channel for the interchange of ideas
  • A source for solid, Christian theology
  • A catalog of resources for the house church
Herb Drake

HCC is non-denominational and an effort is made to accommodate Christians of many backgrounds. The house church movement is an attempt to get away from the institutional church, seeking instead to return to the small gatherings of peoples that constituted all of the churches of the New Testament era.

The emphasis at this site is not to criticize the institutional church, but rather to lift up its alternative. Many house churches start among people who first meet in an institutional setting, and regular attendance at a good institutional church is encouraged as a source of Christian teaching. But can one really worship at an institutional church? The fellowship pictured in Mt. 18:20 (the source of the house church doctrine of church) is "two or three gathered together." Even "church growth" expert Lyle Schaller says that the "glue" that is necessary to unite worshippers cannot be achieved as a church grows beyond a limit of about 40 people. Other experts point out that an assembly larger than a mere dozen people creates an environment in which some of the people often back away from full participation. And there is the concern so well articulated by Kierkegaard that the institutional church tends toward viewing its members as an "audience" and the worship experience as a "show." It is better, he said, to view God as the audience and all the people equally accountable for the "performance" of worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.

Why the House Church?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

Of course there are objections to the independent house church that the reader will need to consider carefully:

It is the hope of House Church Central that this site can help nurture the growth of the movement and also mitigate the concerns of house church nay-sayers.