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Affirm Films, Provident Films and Carmel Entertainment, a Kendrick Brothers production

This is probably the best of the productions of the Albany Georgia's Provident Church movie makers. I don't normally deal with purposefully Christian films because the non-believing society in which we all live is not likely to have watched them. But Fireproof has a lot of good things going for it.

While the action concerns fire department personnel and does feature situations that require their services, fire is mainly a metaphor for the fireworks that can exist between marriage partners when things start to fall apart. The viewer can't help but feel the pain as the two marriage partners grow further and further apart.

The fireman's father convinces his son to follow a program designed to save the marriage, a program intended to reverse years of relational neglect. Week after week, the next step of the program is taken, only for it to fail. Only after the son accepts Christ is the marriage redeemed.

Because house churches are not immune to the problem of divorce, this film might be a good one for group discussion. Each step of the program invented by the main character's dad is a fit subject for discussion, but the whole question of Jesus' teachings about marriage, separation, and divorce should be fair game. When partners treat their union as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 5:25ff), they have gone a long way toward making their marriage "fireproof." All marriages can probably benefit by giving this film a viewing.

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