Footnotes, Chapter 10c
Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective (Eller)

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In Dru’s and in Rohde’s selections from Kierkegaard’s journals, the number identifies an entry rather than a page; the date following is that of the particular entry.

1. Smith Journals, 11:1:A:69 (1854).

2. Attack upon "Christendom," 228.

3. Ibid., 27.

4. Ibid., 46.

5. Smith Journals, 11:2:A:352 (1854).

6. Papirer, 10:2:A:240 (1849) [my trans--VE.].

7. "To Become Sober" (Discourse I) in Judge For Yourselves!, 140, 142.

8. Postscript, 415-16. Climacus purportedly is the author, but there is no doubt that the words belong to the Christian Kierkegaard rather than to his non-Christian pseudonym.

9. Rohde Journals, 141 (1848); cf. 138 and 219. Cf. Smith Journals, 11:2:A:402 (1854). Cf. Johannes Climacus, 135-36, and "... The Mirror of the Word" (Discourse I) in For Self-Examinotion, 36-37.

10. Rohde Journals, 215 (1547).

11. Attack upon "Christendom," 175.