Footnotes, Chapter 6b
Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective (Eller)

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In Dru’s and in Rohde’s selections from Kierkegaard’s journals, the number identifies an entry rather than a page; the date following is that of the particular entry.

1. Smith Journals, 11:1:A:339 (1854).

2. Papirer, X:1:A:187 (1849), quoted in Dupre, op.cit., 128.

3. Papirer, 10:6:B:114, 143ff. (1849-50), quoted in Cornelio Fabro, "Faith and Reason in Kierkegaard's Dialectic" in Critique, 171-79.

4. Fear and Trembling [bound with The Sickness unto Death], trans. Walter Lowne, revised by Howard Johnson (Garden City: Doubleday Anchor, 1954), 43. The words are those of Johannes de silentio (pseud.); the sentiment can safely he ascribed to S.K. Cf., p. 5 above. Cf. also Smith Journals, 10:3:A:635 (1854).

5. Papirer, 10:3:A:635, quoted in Diem, Dialectic, 81.

6. Dru Journals, 88, 35 (1836-1837).

7. Brunner, Truth as Encounter, 112.

8. Karl Barth, Protestant Thought: From Rousseau to Ritschl trans. Brian Cozens (New York: Harper, 1959).

9. Kenneth Hamilton recently has published a full-length study of Tillich's theology, The System and the Gospel (New York: Macmillan, 1963), in which he deliberately uses S.K. as a norm against which to criticize Tillich, going so far as to characterize him as an "antiKierkegaard."

10. Postscript, 200. These words of Climacus safely can be ascribed to S.K. In fact, by virtue of its being designed specifically as a bridge between the aesthetic and the religious works, Postscript comes as close to being direct communication as a pseudonym can be.

11. Dru Journals, 1282 (1852).

12. Christian Longenecker, "On the True Conversion and New Birth" [an essay from his book, Eine Vertheidigung der Wahrheit (Ephrata, 1806)], trans. Vernard Eller, Brethren Life and Thought 7, 2 (Spring 1962), 23-26.

13. "Our Salvation Is Now Nearer ..." (Part III, Discourse 5) in Christian Discourses, 221-22.

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15. See the quotations above. Cf. Smith Journals, 11:2:A:86 (1854).

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17. "Lifted Up On High ..." (Part III, Reflection 5) in Training in Christianity, 200-01, 202.

18. Ein Geringer Schein ... (Germantown, 1747), 24. For a description of this work, a translation of parts of it, the argument for its Brethren authorship, and the suggestion that Mack Junior may have been the writer, see Vernard Eller, "Friends, Brethren, and Separatists ...," Brethren Life and Thought 7, 4 (Autumn 1962), 47ff.

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