Footnotes, Chapter 9b
Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective (Eller)

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In Dru’s and in Rohde’s selections from Kierkegaard’s journals, the number identifies an entry rather than a page; the date following is that of the particular entry.

1. Works of Love, 347. In the text this quotation is put into the mouth of the Apostle John, but it is plain that the reason S.K. put it there is because he himself was so heartily in accord with it.

2. Ibid., 164.

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14. A comprehensive study of this tradition within Brethrenism is Rufus Bowman's The Church of the Brethren and War (Elgin, Ill.: Brethren Publishing House, 1944).

15. Michael Frantz, op.cit., stanza 327 [my trans--V.E.].

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19. Works of Love, 112. In the text these lines are italicized as part of a thematic statement.

20. Ibid., 158.

21. Ibid., 354.

22. Ibid., 58. These lines are part of an opening praise that introduces a major section of the book.

23. Ibid., 63.

24. Ibid., 262-84.

25. Ibid., 226, 227.

26. Ibid., 260; cf. 248-49, where S.K. as much as reiterates Michael Frantz's lines to the effect that there is no "mine" or "thine" in Christian love.

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29. Works of Love, 168, 309ff. Cf. "Love Covereth a Multitude of Sins" (Discourse III) in Edifying Discourses, 1:61ff. Cf. "But How Can the Burden Be Light ..." (Discourse II) in The Gospel of Suffering, 40-41.

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31. The Book on Adler, 133-34. Cf. Purity of Heart, 201ff.

32. Attack upon "Christendom," 140.

33. Papirer, 10:2:A:240 (1849) [my trans.--V.E.]. Notice the early date of this entry; it cannot be dismissed as an aberration of S.K.'s last year. But see Smith Journals, X:2:A:374 (1854-1855) for an even stronger statement.

34. Attack upon "Christendom," 184.

35. The Sickness unto Death, 254.

36. The first of "Two Notes on 'the Indivudal'" in Point of View, 113.

37. Papirer, [I have lost track of the specific locus and been unable to relocate it.--V.E.]

38. These are to be found in Breve og Aktstykker Vedrøende Søren Kieriegaard [Letters and Documents concerning S.K.], ed. Niels Thulstrup (Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1953), 200ff. [The translation involved in the analysis of these letters is my own--V.E.]

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40. 40 Ibid., 205ff.

41. Ibid., 207. S.K.'s words in Purity of Heart, 99ff., are very relevant at this point.

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43. "... Courage Enables the Sufferer to Overcome the World ..." (Discourse VII) in The Gospel of Suffering, 155 [the italics are mine-V.E.).