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Disclaimer: What better resource can there be for house churches than the house churches themselves? So we're happy to include links to the resources below. But House Church Central cannot approve or endorse any of the web sites listed below.

  • Please write if you discover that any of these links become inactive for a significant period of time, or if you feel that some of them are not consistent with good Christian teaching.
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The networks and index services listed below have included House Church Central in their directories, and it is with joy that we acknowledge them and encourage others to do likewise with their patronage.

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If you would like to include your web site in the above list, you may write the WebServant ( if your web site is a part of a home fellowship, it is better if you simply place your web link in your HCC/HCDL House Church Directory listing.

Requests for links on this page are limited to ministries who have a primary home-church emphasis and who have significant, original content.