Book Review: J. Howard, The Wisdom of God: God Calls His Children
by Herb Drake

Copyright (c) 2021, Herb Drake.

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Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr warned us that our bible stops short of telling us "the furniture of heaven or the temperature of hell." If we examine the few biblical references about heaven and the Second Advent, we are given symbols (open gates, tears wiped away, etc.) and not concrete facts. Here is a book that breaks that silence, not by a study of God's word but by a number of daily, telepathic "messages" from God or his scribe to the author between 2004 and 2020.

The picture that emerges has several points of agreement and several points of disagreement with the bible. We book tells us that the disagreements are the result of tampering with the word of God by Lucifer and his minions.

The review here is not to accept or reject the claims of the book. That is something for readers to decide for themselves. But the claims are at least interesting enough to trigger the imagination. Frankly, these messages are difficult--the author apologizes for this on the basis that the language of God does not translate easily to English. Several "god-words" are used, and there is a lexicon at the end of the book to help the reader deal with them. The other feature that makes the book difficult to read is its highly repetitive nature. One has to conclude that the book could easily be edited down to a tenth of its size by disposing of this repetition, but the author chose to log these revelations word by word, including a calendar date for each.

The Thesis of the Book

There are many planets that are inhabited by humans and/or "people of light" (who are human-like but a bit taller) and it is easy to transport between them because of the high-tech proficiency of God's people. These people are former residents of Earth. All (perhaps most) of the occupied planets live in peace and harmony except Earth, which has been subdued and enslaved by Lucifer and his demons. Demons inhabit people of evil and also the "grays" and the "reptilians" (common types of aliens among followers of "ufology"). Politicians appear to be among those possessed by demons.

God (yes, YAHWEH) and many people of light are on their way to land countless ships on world parks, open spaces, sports arenas, and so on. It will scare a lot of people, who will call them "aliens." Jesus Christ will be among them (the Second Advent) along with Gabriel and some "diplomats." Several things will then happen as these people "walk the earth," as they did when God created the earth and before Lucifer hid this history from humanity. Somehow, Lucifer threw out the People of Light and has enslaved the earth, but God did not counter due to Universal Law. (Or did God lose a battle? That would be dualism, an ancient heresy ruled out by creation-ex-nihilo.)

  • During the first several days of the landing, people are encouraged to shelter in place as there will be social unrest and some degree of chaos. Meditation and prayer are encouraged along with the storage of several days of food to bridge the days of confusion after the landings.
  • Universal law will be introduced. This law includes the Ten Commandments, but has many other provisions including that animals have souls that need to be protected (eating meat will be prohibited).
  • Universal law has been preventing the landings, but when the first nuclear bomb of WW3 drops, Lucifer will have breached Universal law freeing God to allow the landings, which will then commence. The bomb will be either in the Middle East, Israel bombing Syria, or in the USA if it comes from North Korea. Many people will die but God will stop the war immediately after it has begun. All weapons will then be rendered useless.

After these initial events, there will be the new "normal":

  • All diseases (including dementia and cancer, which are said to be the result of meat eating), will be cured.
  • New, highly effective cures for all diseases will become available to all.
  • Human life spans will be greatly extended.
  • All people will have access to good food, shelter, and will be happy (a hint of Marxism, perhaps?).
  • Human bodies and minds will gradually assume a younger, healthier appearance.
  • A libertarian culture will appear (everything is okay that does not hurt another).
  • All of Lucifer’s minions will vanish leaving humanity to live in peace.
  • All on earth will eat new, enjoyable foods to replace the meat in their diet.
  • Food, water, shelter, and other essentials will be readily available to all.
  • Earth will be cleansed of all the poisons coming from past bad stewardship, chemtrails, and so on.
  • All religions (especially the Vatican) are bankrupt and the creations of Lucifer and will be removed.
  • All reptiles are Luciferin. God will destroy them just as he has already destroyed the dinosaurs.
  • These changes will begin in the poorest (most enslaved) populations first.
  • There is no discussion of currency, but precious metals will not have significant value.

Reincarnation is a feature of this regime. All souls reincarnate indefinitely, but Lucifer has removed the memories of past lives. God will restore these memories and humans will be able to reunite with those who have passed on before them. These reunions are eagerly anticipated by the people of light. When people die they are reincarnated with their memories intact. (This is consistent with 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which pictures the saints meeting Christ in the air and then returning with Him to dwell forever on earth, which has been purified, 2 Peter 3:10. Actually, the orthodox view that Christians go to heaven in ideal bodies could, arguably, be a understood as reincarnation in which past life memories are restored and, in this case, "heaven" would be a restored earth. The Bible, however, counters reincarnation in Hebrews 9:27.)

After a period of adjustment, humans who enjoy tourism would be free to visit other planets and vice versa. The transport systems will be abundant, as will new forms of energy that will eliminate the need for current forms of transport and energy. These new technologies will be shared with humans to better their lives.

Of course, meat-eating has been a denominational Christian controversy for a long time, and has been condemned as well be various health advocates. But the bible appears to have allowed it (Genesis 9:3 and Peter’s dream in Acts 10). While one can assume that domesticated animals might be able to adapt to vegetarian diets, one has to wonder about the animals in the wild; will carnivorous animals continue to eat other animals or will they will all starve to death? Is this the "Peaceable Kingdom" of Isaiah 11:6ff?

Jesus has other brothers that dwell with God, and God has a wife, "Sophia" (Greek for "wisdom"). Somehow Sophia was trapped by Lucifer but God will be reunited with her after he destroys Lucifer. Sophia authored the book "Answers to Answers," which will be available at some point.

The possibility of several planets and easy transport between them short circuits Einstein's seminal E=mc2 that holds that one can approach but never exceed light speed because you get to the point that the energy of propulsion just converts to increased mass, little going into actual acceleration. But there are theories at the cutting edge of science that might provide a response to this. One might be "string theory," which suggests that multiple universes might be able to occupy the same physical space. The other would be the notion that space might be "folded," allowing shortcuts to appear that would allow instant transport between places many light-years apart. And, of course, there are "warp drive" and "hyper drive" devices of popular science fiction that have no science but plenty of fiction behind them.


Many (most?) readers will probably laugh at the prophecies of the Second Advent and eternal life in this book. Science fiction advocates might relish them. Many of the assertions are non-biblical, creating tension with what the Bible says about itself being the Word of God, God's truth, and sufficient for "teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness all good works" (1 Timothy 3:16).

The bible teaches that God is eternal but that the creation is the finite span between creation and Eschaton. The way that this book describes God begs the question: Where did God come from? This is a variant of the creation-ex-nihilo dispute--if God created out of chaos, who created the chaos? While the book affirms that God was the creator, it doesn’t seem to provide for the eternal nature of God.

For those not easily offended by what is probably heresy, this view of God and the afterlife can be read as a kind of comic book. Before accepting this as having any portion of truth, however, one needs to heed the words in 1 Thessalonians 5:20: "Do not despise the words of prophets, but test everything; hold fast to what is good; abstain from every form of evil." Applying this verse here might make this book a big lie, but the assertion that the bible, the Christian yardstick to test truth, might have been grossly corrupted is a scary thought.

This book fits the definition of contemporary prophecy. Viewed in this manner, it is not remarkable at all as charismatic Christians utter wild prophecy all the time. But we need to test all prophecies, holding on to the truth and discarding every kind of evil.

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