Footnotes, Chapter 12c
Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective (Eller)

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In Dru’s and in Rohde’s selections from Kierkegaard’s journals, the number identifies an entry rather than a page; the date following is that of the particular entry.

1. Dru Journals, 105 (1837). Note particularly this date; these words were written by a university student, six years before he opened his authorship.

2. "To Become Sober" (Discourse 1) in Judge For Yourselves!, 154. These words come toward the close of S.K.'s career, 1852.

3. Purity of Heart, 149.

4. Attack upon "Christendom," 189.

5. "First Eight Brethren to Palatine Pietists" (1708), in Durnbaugh, Origins, 118.

6. Preface to Geistreiches Gesang-Buch (1720), in ibid., 407-8.

7. Mack Senior, Basic Questions (1713), in ibid., answer to Question 10, 330.

8. The Sickness unto Death, 259.

9. Works of Love, 193-94.

10. Ein Geringer Schein, 6-9 [my trans.--V.E.].

11. Mack Junior, a poem concerning suicide, in Heckman, op.cit., stanzas 30-32, 152-55 [I have amended the translation--V.E.]. Cf. the poem by Sauer Junior in Brumbaugh, op.cit., 434ff.

12. See, for example, Stages of Life's Way, 415ff., and Postscript, 390ff.

13. Attack upon "Christendom," 268.

14. Training in Christianity, (Pt. II), 111.

15. "Lifted Up On High" (Pt III, Reflection 3) in ibid., 173.

16. "I Have Heartily Desired ..." (Pt IV, Discourse I) in Christian Discourses, 262.

17. "Lifted Up On High" (Pt. III, Reflection 4) in Training in Christianity, 196. Cf. "The Joyfulness of Following Christ" (Discourse I) in The Gospel of Suffering, 6.

18. Dru Journals, 1270 (1852).

19. Dru Journals, 1336 (1854). Cf. Rohde Journals, 238 (July 1855).